Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Caitlyn Belle - 6 months

Our sweet girl is 6 months old!  She is such a joy and we love seeing her grow up and learn new things about herself and the world around her.

At her 6 month checkup she had to get 4 shots :( but checked out great! She is 16.9 lbs (60%) and 27 inches long (80%).  She had hand foot and mouth in November :( but thankfully it only lasted a few days and was not near as bad as Caleb's experience - just a few spots of rash and a temp.  It was going around daycare and 6 kids had it at the same time.  Building up their immune systems!

Caitlyn loves to roll and scoot around.  She has started baby food and her favorites are veggies and she only tolerates fruits.  Also, this in October she switched to formula and didn't even seem to notice a difference.  She is so close to sitting up.  This girl loves loves loves her big brother and the feeling is mutual.  She smiles so big when she sees him and especially when Caleb talks to her.  She recognizes mom and dad and is always watching mom when she is in the room.  She loves to jump in her exersaucer thing (what is the right name for that?).  She is drooling more and more - getting ready for those teeth to make an appearance (which they did in December! I tooth all the way through and another peeking out!).  Caitlyn doesn't like to take many long naps - doesn't like to miss out on what's going on around her.  She will take about 3-4 naps a day though.  She sleeps pretty great at night - usually only gets up once to eat and goes right back to sleep but sometimes sleeps all night long.  Nick and I take turns getting up to feed her.  She has started giving kisses and pulling hair and she loves to read grab books.  She can pretty much hold her own bottle now and is just growing before our very eyes.  Still loves baths too.

Caitlyn Belle, we love you!!


  1. SHE IS SOOOO CUTE! Way to go on making it all the way to October! That's a huge deal. I prefer veggies too ;-)