Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Caleb is 4!

When we asked Caleb what he wanted for his birthday, he said, "I want all the people in Wichita to sing to me and I want dirt cake and I want to go to McDonald's and I want Caitlyn, Zoey and Jack to come."  Ok, buddy, we can do that (or at least almost all of it - just missing Jack)!  So while we were in Wichita that weekend of Halloween/first of November, we got all my family together (Claudia & Todd had headed out to Colorado to be there when Charlotte was born), and met at a McDonald's with a playplace for lunch on Sunday.  We brought dirt cake with dinosaurs on it and some "dinosaur eggs" (M&Ms) and a balloon.  And that was all he needed.  Caleb was so excited that he didn't hardly eat his cheeseburger and didn't even touch the dirt cake he had been asking for since July.  He just loved having everyone there to celebrate him.  He got lots of fun toys and got to play in the playplace there.  On the way home, he kept saying, "That was so fun!  My birthday was so fun!"

On his actual birthday, he woke up to balloons and streamers on his door - hilarious.  I video-ed it.  He just stood inside his room looking at them saying, "Hmmm....why did somebody put that on my door?  Hmmm..."  We got donuts for breakfast and he got to take brownies to school, we took him out for lunch and got to have pizza for dinner!  Uncle Jake even stopped by with a gift.  All in all, he had a great birthday and was so excited for a week (we celebrate birthday week at our house!) to celebrate him.

Can't believe my boy is 4 years old!!  Here are some things I want to remember about 4 year old Caleb:
- He is in the K-ready class at school (what?!).  He is the youngest one in there, but they moved him up because he does better when he is around older kids.
- He loves loves loves animals.  He got several animals to play with and it is so fun to watch his imagination at work.  Every morning at school he plays with animals and every evening when we pick him up, he is usually playing with animals also.
- He loves to do puzzles and is very good at them.  He doesn't do the typical border first, then fill in the middle, but he looks at the picture on the box and then does the puzzle object by object.
- He could watch movies all day long if I let him.  Probably most kids are this way.  :)  Favorites now are Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, Toy Story 3 and Veggie Tales.
He likes to help - with the animals, cooking, Caitlyn, dishes.
- He has just recently started copying us - I noticed just the other day that he was moving his legs to be just how mine where as I was sitting on the floor and the other day when Nick changed into shorts after work, Caleb disappeared for a minute and came into the kitchen wearing shorts and said, "I'm wearing shorts like daddy!"  :)
- He likes to read books and is pretty good at coming up with reasons to procrastinate at bedtime.  :)
- And just this past weekend we got to see his complete and utter excitement for snow and Christmas.  Just like momma.
- Favorite foods are eggs, pizza, mac & cheese, any kind of fruit - oranges, apples, strawberries, grapes and bananas are the favs, yogurt, hotdogs, cheeseburgers, broccoli, spaghetti and tacos.

We love you Caleb and are so very proud to be your parents!


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