Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MIL Week

Nick was gone a week in November in South Dakota on his annual pheasant hunting trip.  He goes with his dad and grandpa and a big group of pastors all across the country.  I'm glad he gets the chance to get away for a little bit to recharge.  They did some singing up there and got a lot of birds.  I think they froze to the bone, but it sounded like a pretty good time minus the frozen part!

I was home with the kids from Thursday to Sunday and then thankfully my sweet mother-in-law was able to come stay with us!  She kept the kids during the day and did my laundry and dishes and was just wonderful to have around.  I didn't feel scared one bit - it is amazing how it changes your mindset just having another adult there with you.  Caleb ended up with strep the first part of the week so it was nice to know that I had someone giving him lots of love at home so I could be at work (work has been extra busy this fall and will be through the end of the year).  We also got to see Jake every night.  I think he was glad to have his mom around for the week too.  :)  Caitlyn got lots of snuggles and Caleb got lots of puzzle and movie time.  :)

I am so thankful she was able to come and love on our family during what could have been a stressful, hard week!  Thank you Claudia!  We love you!

(for the record, Caleb is not in a cage. This is the playplace at McDonald's.)  :)


  1. We had strep too, it's going around for sure! What a great break for the kiddo's and you ;-) My favorite picture is definitely the three of you! Caleb's joy and Momma love is obvious!

  2. I love that you clarified that Caleb wasn't in a cage. I laughed hard at that!