Thursday, February 12, 2015

Caitlyn Belle 9 months

Our sweet girl is already nine months old!  Here are some 9 month stats:
29 3/4 inches long (97th percentile)
18 lbs 15 oz (70th percentile)
Big girl!  She has poked a hole through the toes of a nine month sleeper! 

Caitlyn is crawling everywhere.  She crawls army-style, using only her left arm and right leg.  She has a rug burn/scab on her left elbow.  She loves to clap and will sometimes wave, but it takes some convincing.  Vegetables are her favorite food, although she likes fruits too - but not a fan of avocado yet.  She will also eat puffs and drink some apple juice, but only sometimes.

When Caleb walks into the room, he is genuinely extremely excited to see her and the feeling is mutual.  Caitlyn's teacher said she has never seen a brother so excited to see his baby sister as Caleb.  They are so sweet.  She does only like to crawl to his toys though even though she has plenty of her own to choose from, so we'll see how that goes.  So far he mostly just laughs and keeps scooting them away.

Caitlyn loves to give big kisses and hugs and is happy to cuddle.  She is in 9 month and 12 month clothes, although 9 months won't last too much longer.  She wears size 3 diapers.  Right now, there are two prominent bottom teeth with some top teeth very close.  Caitlyn hates having her nose wiped, loves to chew on anything and everything, is a expert at taking off her socks and chewing them and can go from crawling to sitting.  She is such a joy and everyone who meets her comments on how happy and content she is all the time!  We are so very grateful for this sweet girl and can't believe she is growing so fast!!


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