Tuesday, March 17, 2015

January 2015

This is a round up of January happenings.

There were a few really nice days, so the kids and I headed over for some park time.  Caleb loved taking Caitlyn down the slide.

For Christmas, one of the gifts my mom got my sisters and me was a gift certificate for Paint the Towne which is one of those places where you can go a pick out a painting and the instructor will walk you through it step by step and you create your own masterpiece!  We were able to book a private party with some of my cousins and aunts and Claudia and it was so much fun!  We each customized our paintings with the colors we wanted and I loved seeing how they all turned out.  Everyone did a really great job!!

(Oh, and Caleb and Papa made a snowman.  It lasted about 2 hours before it melted.)

 This was my finished project.  I made it yellow and gray to go in Caitlyn's room.

While in Wichita, my parents took me and the kids (my niece Zoey included) to a trampoline park (Urban Air).  It was seriously a blast!  I don't know who had more fun, the adults or the kids, haha.  We got free reign of the place for an hour.  If you've never been to one, they basically have wall-to-wall trampolines and you get to jump around and do pretty much whatever you want.  There is a dodgeball section, a basketball section, a foam pit, an "expert's" section (Caleb's favorite) and just plain trampoline section.  It was so much fun.  And quite a workout!

I made a goal this year to host at least four movie nights with some of my friends from our church.  I like to keep it totally casual - kids are in bed, we wear our comfy sweats and eat snacks and put in a chick flick.  Usually, we don't watch much of the movie, but it is a great excuse to hang out and chat and laugh a ton.  One down, three (or more) planned!

I can't remember if I've mentioned on the blog or not, but Nick and I are leading the college age/young adult Sunday school class at church.  Well, mostly Nick leads and I am his trusty sidekick.  :) We started in October and it has been a really good experience.  We have a great group of students and have enjoyed watching them grow through this year.  We try to have them over for a meal every few weeks.  I'm glad we've been able to get to know everyone.

Our dear friends just adopted the sweetest baby boy, Miles.  He is Marshallese and so adorable.  You can read more about their journey here.  Nick and Nate were college roommates and Kristin and I have both shared in loss through miscarriage.  Kristin leads the group Mend Ministries that I attended two years ago.  We are so thrilled for Nate and Kristin as they grow their family with Miles.  I got to meet him when I dropped dinner off and isn't he just the most precious thing?

Our little Caitlyn Belle started crawling in January!  Look out world, she's on the move!

The city put on a family game night.  We had fun playing Bingo!

We had the opportunity to attend a Razorback game.  They played Alabama and it was a great game!  We got to be hosts for the Simmons suite which basically means you greet people, order food and make sure the drinks and food stays stocked up.  We took our friend, Donna who enjoyed being the baby snuggler during the game.  :)  Donna is Wil's wife (Wil was the first Simmons chaplain and worked with Nick for three years before passing away this last April).  We had a great time!

Caleb got to go to a sweet friend's birthday party.  Kastyn goes to our church and they are just three months apart.  They had delicious food and the kids got to decorate cookies and play outside.

And finishing up January, we sold 2 of our calves.  These are the two bottle calves that we had.  So that leaves us with the two mama cows and the two calves that are in the field with them.  We will probably sell those two calves later this spring and then hopefully breed the mamas.

That's our January!


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