Thursday, April 30, 2015

March 2015

This post is totally thrown together and not organized, but here are the March happenings!

Caitlyn started crawling on all fours, saying Dada, blowing kisses. (10 months)

March madness - I beat Nick this year. :)

Attended 2 baby showers.

Claudia came to visit and take care of us. :) she also got to clean up vomit - her favoeite thing. Major jewels on her crown in heaven!

My sister, Hollie got engaged to Brendan at the top of a pyramid in cancun. My parents were able to be there so that was special. Looking forward to a spring wedding!

Had another girls' movie night. I should take a picture of one sometime. Or maybe it's better kept as our little secret. :) 

Nick had a chaplain retreat with the fellow chaplains which was a nice getaway. 

We got to go celebrate Emerson and Lyka's birthdays!! They are now 4 and 2. :) 

We took advantage of some warmer days and went to the park, had picnics and roasted hotdogs.

Duck duck goose at church

Thursday, April 16, 2015

February 2015

Trying to play catch up!  Here's what we've been up to in February!

At the beginning of the month, we got to see Robyn and Charlie while they were in town visiting.  We were able to hang out the whole day.  It was fun to see Charlotte again as she is growing so fast and smiling.  We sure miss them!  That same weekend we got to go to a baby shower for our friend, Kim.  Jake's girlfriend, Bekah, had scholarship weekend at JBU so we had fun hanging out with her and her mom.

Also in February, Nick began his WorkMatters Institute experience.  They had a kickoff dinner that spouses got to attend, so that was fun having a night out with just Nick and I (and the rest of the WMI folks).  WorkMatters is an organization that focuses on integrating faith at work.  They have several events throughout the year in NWA.  Nick and another gal from Simmons were chosen to participate in the WorkMatters Institute which is for young professionals, ages 22-32.  They have several events and it is a very intentional program to pour into these working professionals from several esteemed businesses in the area.  They get to hear executives from some very well known companies come speak to their group (which is like 20 or so people) and they get to be paired with an experienced business leader who will serve as a mentor.  This is a really neat opportunity and I think a perfect fit for Nick.  He has enjoyed his experiences so far and is looking forward to the rest of the program.

Last year we attended the NWA healthy marriages Valentine's event with my sister Julie, and her husband Aaron (fiance at the time).  This year we were able to go again!  Julie and Aaron weren't able to come, but Nick and I got to go and really enjoyed ourselves.  John Trent was the speaker (one of the authors of The Treasure Tree.  Anyone else read that book during their childhood?  One of my favorites.).  The entire evening is free and they provide a really nice dinner and it is just a great night.  We got to see several people from our work there which was fun.  There are about 1000 people that attend.  Uncle Jake was brave enough to watch both kids.  His first time to change a diaper and Caitlyn gave him lots of chances to perfect his new skill! We appreciate him so much!

Here are the kids around Valentine's Day.  Caleb filled out his own valentines for his classmates this year!

1st snow of season
We finally got our first real snow of the season this month too!  I was so glad!!  Caleb was sick, so I was able to stay home with the kids and by the end of the day we ventured out for a short time of snow fun.

The last weekend in February was the kids' dedication at church.  We realized that Caitlyn will be a year old before too long (!!!!) and we probably need to get this scheduled.  Also, we never did get to dedicate Caleb because we were in between churches when he was a baby.  We are so thankful that both sets of parents were able to make the trip down, along with Nick's grandparents and of course Jake was there.  It was a special experience to commit to raising our kids in a Christian home and ask for the encouragement and support from our family and church family.  Then the congregation prayed over us and Caleb and Caitlyn.  I don't take our role as their parents lightly at all.  We know that God has entrusted our children to our care for however long or short that may be, but that they are ultimately His children.  We want to be the best stewards we can be of this responsibility.

It was also family weekend at JBU.  We went to see Jake's dorm room (which smelled surprisingly good thanks to the air fresheners he bought the night before, haha).  We went to the bookstore to buy some shirts and then went to the basketball game - a close one!  It was such a fun weekend!

Other happenings:
We bought a van!  Oh, how I have dreamed of the day, lol, but seriously.  :)  I love it!!!

Playing some t-ball and being outside on nice weather days.

Grocery shopping with two.

Snuggles with the kiddos.  :)

Caleb put this blanket on Caitlyn's head and called her Mary.  Haha.

We also got to spend some great time with our dear friends, the Gutshalls!!  Always such a good time.  :)

This month, Caitlyn can pull to standing up.  Won't be long before this girl is walking, yikes!!


February - you've been good to us.  :)