Thursday, April 30, 2015

March 2015

This post is totally thrown together and not organized, but here are the March happenings!

Caitlyn started crawling on all fours, saying Dada, blowing kisses. (10 months)

March madness - I beat Nick this year. :)

Attended 2 baby showers.

Claudia came to visit and take care of us. :) she also got to clean up vomit - her favoeite thing. Major jewels on her crown in heaven!

My sister, Hollie got engaged to Brendan at the top of a pyramid in cancun. My parents were able to be there so that was special. Looking forward to a spring wedding!

Had another girls' movie night. I should take a picture of one sometime. Or maybe it's better kept as our little secret. :) 

Nick had a chaplain retreat with the fellow chaplains which was a nice getaway. 

We got to go celebrate Emerson and Lyka's birthdays!! They are now 4 and 2. :) 

We took advantage of some warmer days and went to the park, had picnics and roasted hotdogs.

Duck duck goose at church


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