Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Branson Getaway with Friends

Will I ever be caught up on the ol’ blog?  Probably not, but I’ll work on it.  J  Back in May, we had a fun Memorial weekend getaway with our dear friends in Branson.  They had some guest passes to Silver Dollar City and we were able to get some tickets to some fun shows (Thanks Grandma B!).   We went up a night early so we could spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa B.  There was definitely Cardinal baseball watching and a visit to the floating cafe for breakfast and feeding fish.  

We found a condo that we all stayed at, which was fun so that we could all hang out together.  We went to see Jonah at the Sight & Sound Theater which was amazing.  It was really well done and the kids did pretty well through the whole thing.  The girls got a little restless toward the end, but thankfully there was a family room at the back of the theater we could go to.  The weekend was pretty rainy, so it worked out well to have inside places to go!  We went on an adventure around the condo area one day and found some tadpoles.  

We also went to the Hamner Variety Show.  It was great!  We also went to a restaurant that claimed to be the home of “tossed rolls”.  Not to be confused with Lambert’s, home of the “throwed” rolls.  It was delicious.

We tried to have the boys take our picture.  Here is the best we got.  :)

Best buds.

Monday was Silver Dollar City day!  Nick and I had not been since we were young kids, so it was a blast to be able to go back and the kids had so much fun.  The new fireman’s landing was really neat and (little) Caleb loved it.  J  (Since there are two Calebs, one is Little Caleb and one is Big Caleb.  I’ll let you decide which is which).  

We are so thankful for our friendship with the Gutshalls!  They are very dear to us and it is fun to have children the same age who get along well!  Caleb’s best buds are his cousin Jack and Emerson and those are the two that he wants to play with all the time.  

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  1. Love it! So fun to getaway with friends. I've never been to Branson but I've heard great things! The picture the boys took... the best one ;-)